How To Arrives WhatsApp From Facebook For New Users In 2020

How To Arrives WhatsApp From Facebook For New Users In 2020

By taking a new step towards monetization and transforming all its applications – WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram – into a unified experience for billions of users, the social media giant has added WhatsApp from Facebook for new users on its website.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced last year his plans to integrate his chat services – WhatsApp, Messenger and the photo-sharing app Instagram – so that users can notify each other across platforms. Zuckerberg called it a long-term project and said that the cross-app functionality will take place in 2020 or beyond.

Facebook WhatsApp is added to the WhatsApp status for newly registered users! “, Published the website.

One follower replied: “This is a feature that they know how to implement faster!”

WhatsApp in September quietly launched a feature for Android users to share their status stories directly in Facebook Story and other applications.

Like Instagram, WhatsApp status stories allow users to post images, texts, and videos 24 hours after they disappear. The latest technology update is in Whats App themes are updated, they are dark mode and light mode.

The Facebook video call device portal also works with a WhatsApp account, which allows users to make video calls to friends and family and access features.

According to Zuckerberg, more than the business benefits of integrating chat between apps, he was concerned about data encryption.

“The first reason I’m excited about this is to move more to the default end-to-end encryption in more of our products. People really like it in WhatsApp. I think that’s the direction we should go with more things in the future, “he told analysts during a conference call.

“There are also a number of cases where we see people telling us that they want to be able to send messages across different services,” said Zuckerberg.

The move could allow the social media giant to boast increased user engagement with advertisers, thereby strengthening its advertising division.

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