New Features In Whatsapp Latest Version 2020


New Features In Whatsapp Latest Version 2020

Since the takeover of the social media giant Facebook WhatsApp, updates and changes have been made to one of the most downloaded and used messenger services. This has become a milestone for mobile instant messaging applications developed by mobile app development services worldwide.
WhatsApp is known for actively developing several functions at the same time. This popular and popular instant messaging platform is developing new and bigger features like Dark Mode, the latest multi-platform system and new UI elements.

We are in global social media and the integration of Facebook and WhatsApp led to the introduction of another new function, which is rightly called “Share on Facebook”. Then there was the new status function of WhatsApp and WhatsApp call functions. It’s easy to understand that some social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are expected to rule again this year. Other new features in WhatsApp, including improvised privacy settings, the ability to unlock fingerprints, and even streaming support for Netflix trailers.

 New WhatsApp Features For 2020

There are a variety of WhatsApp new features updates in 2020.

1. Work on Dark Mode is still in Progress

WhatsApp’s instant messaging service is about to reach its long-awaited WhatsApp dark mode. This new feature on WhatsApp has been spotted on Android as well as on iOS beta. However, the functionality has yet to arrive in its full version or even in the test phase.

It certainly looks like WhatsApp on iOS will essentially get different versions of the dark theme, which will vary in the strength of the black shade applied across the app interface. The latest beta update for the iPhone also revealed how the default theme that WhatsApp will use.

The user will essentially be able to easily go to the second configuration, which will modify all the accessibility parameters of the device. In addition, reports are coming that WhatsApp could even officially launch dark mode as “Night mode”. This new WhatsApp theme functionality should be brought by Android app development services in its own instant messaging app to offer functionality similar to what WhatsApp is trying to achieve.

2. Work on QR Code Button

Another beta version of WhatsApp contains the references of the latest QR code button, which would allow users to easily share their profiles and add contacts via specific QR codes.

Type the QR code After browsing the entire profile section, WhatsApp would then display the QR code, which would allow other users to add to their contact list. In addition, you can add different users to your contact list simply by scanning their QR codes on WhatsApp.

This feature of WhatsApp can come faster than expected because mobile app development services have been developing such a feature for their apps for quite some time.

3. Search Image Feature

The Android version of WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow users to easily search for images that they have sent or received from their contacts. This new feature in WhatsApp is called “Find Image”. Google Image Search is used to search for it directly in a chat.
This feature is not yet included in the instant messaging app but was considered disabled by default in the WhatsApp beta for Android. For some time now, the image search function has been used for various purposes in on-demand app development. It looks like WhatsApp is pulling a leaf out of it.

4. Advanced Search Feature

The instant messaging app develops a unique “advanced search” function that allows users to easily search for links, photos, audio, videos and GIF images in addition to simple, already activated text searches. This function also shows various current searches.

Please note that the “Image for advanced search” function is separate from the “Search image” function mentioned above. This feature is currently under development and will be released to all the latest iOS WhatsApp beta versions of app users in the near future.

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