New Social Media Applications To Look Out In 2020 That Makes Feel The Excitement

Mobile social media is popular and fashion has a population of 3.5 billion worldwide. Below in this article, we will provide the New Social Media Applications To Look Out In 2020 That Makes Feel The Excitement.

Trending social media apps have become very popular on Instagram and Snapchat and have dominated social media through mobile devices. This is something that even social media websites cannot deliver.

However, this scenario is a bit different when it comes to brand names. For example, WhatsApp and Facebook have locked horns at the top of Messenger. Interestingly, these two apps are owned by Facebook Inc., so the competition on the best social media platforms is not aggressive.

While Instagram is Facebook’s own social networking mobile app, competition between different company-owned apps is more aggressive. Amid all the arguments between social media brands, Asian apps are enhancing part of the hot trend of social networking sites and mobile apps that are changing the economy worldwide.

Interesting Things About Social Media:

Before you edit the list of the best social media apps, here are some interesting data to help you understand the global reach of the Internet and social media platforms in 2020.

  • 5.112 billion mobile phone users worldwide, an increase of 2% annually.
  • 4.388 billion Internet users worldwide, an increase of 9.1% annually.
  • 3.484 billion social media users worldwide, an increase of 9% annually.

Surprisingly, more than half of the world’s 7.715 billion people use their social media platforms. Social media platforms are a great way to promote and market your app.

The Best Social Media Apps in 2020:

Now, let’s get into this social media app list and look at the unique features that have helped these apps to top the most used social media platforms and charts.

Meetup: Meetups have different orders. Some may be tagged in to meet new people, some may be related to making friends, and then there are those who want to practice their social skills. Whatever the reason, social interaction about local groups and events is a great way to meet people and make connections.

Meetup App:

The Meetup app is an equivalent platform for finding and making local connections. You can use this Meetup app to meet new people, find support, learn new things, pursue hobbies, or get out of your comfort zone. You can experience it in places near you. The app uses the exact location of the device (GPS and network-based) to recommend recent conference events.

If you are still wondering what this app can do for you, here is your answer:

Explore: Visit places with like-minded people and try new ones.
Make a Career: To advance your career, you can build a network, learn the language, take a class, and send this app to investors.
Get creative: If you are in any creative field, it is better to create a group and get feedback on your work.

The app is surrounded by a simple idea, “When we get together and do important things for us, we’re at it.” The app does the same. Here are the popular Meetup Group reviews

  • Tech Meetup groups
  • Fitness Meetup groups
  • Hiking Meetup groups
  • Career and Networking Meetup groups
  • Photography Meetup groups
  • New in Town Meetup groups
  • Social Meetup groups and more

Meetup Subscription Plans:

If you want to manage Meetup, you must subscribe to the app. The Organizer subscription comes with the perk of unlimited members and co-hosts and allows you to create three Meetups. The Meetup app offers multiple subscription plans based on location.

Prices for Meetups created in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia:

  • Unlimited 1-month: $14.99

All other countries:

  • Unlimited 1-month: $9.99
  • Unlimited 6-month: $29.99

Once the purchase is confirmed, the Meetup Fee will be charged to your App Store account and renewed automatically at the end of each billing period. Automatic renewal can be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Trial Birth The unused portion of the trial period is lost when buying a subscription.


Telegram is an app that is gradually expanding its reach; Thanks to user privacy-based policies. Its security is what sets this app apart from its competitors. From a business perspective, brands can instantly connect with their customers. For example, brands and businesses can create chatbots on the Telegram platform or transmit messages to multiple subscribers simultaneously using the Telegram Channel feature. Although there are many clamps by government agencies, Telegram is very popular in comparison to other top social media apps and is the first in our list of social media apps.

Features of Telegram:

  • Encrypted and self-destructive messages;
  • Personal cloud-based storage;
  • Completely free without any ads;
  • Turn off notifications, message preview, and lock particular conversations;
  • Create groups with around 2 lakh users


LinkedIn is the best social media app for professionals around the world. It is easy for customers to promote themselves and their businesses. Customers can enhance their business connections while connecting with other professionals. It can be used as a social media app for marketing and for businesses to establish their authority and leadership in their industry and attract the best talent. LinkedIn offers opportunities to advertise your business, such as sending personalized ads, increasing your content, and displaying ads on the site.

How to link to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is basically a website for business professionals, but Facebook and Twitter are equally important for building your online brand. Create connections with potential customers, business partners and peers in the same industry by narrowing the gap between LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Use your new connections across major social networks to create brand awareness, increase sales, monitor competition, and keep you informed about the latest events in your industry.

Features of LinkedIn:

  • Create a professional profile that highlights your skills
  • Find a job or hire people
  • Send your articles and posts to experts
  • A great marketing opportunity to showcase your company or product
  • Follow the actions of the connections you follow


Tapebook is a new social network that has broken the top list of our social media apps to join in 2020. This is the place where you can record and interact with small audio and video “tapes”. It’s like social podcasting with a video twist. You can record conversations with friends or start a vlog / audio-log by calling friends. People share their talents, travel stories, podcasts, live music, cover songs, and teaching skills. Tapes are published in the tape field to engage the community. They have a user interface and a unique design.

Even though our current audio/video content feed is public, our insiders know that private features will soon come to the Tapebook. They don’t have strong ads on user privacy, which is refreshing. Based on their blog, the creator of the Tapebook is also working on making money, which helps them gain more influence from YouTube and Instagram.

Features of Tapebook:

  • Record with connections just by audio or video calling them from the app
  • Create vlogs and audio-logs by recording solo
  • Real-time recording, so you don’t have to wait for file uploads like YouTube & Instagram
  • Active community and rich engagement in the form of audio/text comments
  • Meet and follow interesting people and discover topics through #hashtags


New Social Media Applications
New Social Media Applications

Reddit is the best social media app on our list. With the most acceptable design, this platform is the place where mobile social media app users can. The Social Social Media app keeps an association of brilliant people who discuss, chat and share pictures and videos. There are special forums called Subreddits. However, subreddits have different engagement levels, so it is advisable to look for relevant and popular subreddits for your brand promotion.

Features of Reddit:

  • A global discussion forum with thousands of unique topics
  • Comment, upvote or downvote posts
  • Join in the conversation of your choice
  • Feature unlock based on your account’s Karma
  • Create and moderate subreddits to build your own community


Snapchat is one of the best social media apps that has already attracted millions. The Snapchat idea is not only attractive, but it is also one of the special features such as self-destructing ‘snaps’, and users can message a picture or a short video, which disappears automatically after a few seconds. Snapchat is one of the latest social media apps to popularize the number of stories received by other social media apps such as Instagram. Instagram’s popularity has influenced Snapchat’s growth and marketers’ desire to use this new social media app as a marketing platform for marketers.

Snapchat opens up to the camera so you can send a snap-in second! Take a photo or video, add a caption and send it to your close friends and family members. Express yourself with filters, lenses, bitcoins and all kinds of fun effects. I really like this app and I have no complaints yet, but my chats are running from the latest update. Normally, if you double-tap a chat it will raise the camera so you can snap that person, but now when I double-tap the chat, it brings up the camera for a few seconds.

Features of Snapchat:

  • Create and add filters, lens, 3D Bitmojis to your photos
  • Live messaging and video chat with up to 16 friends at once
  • Watch their Stories from friends, top publishers, and creators
  • Check out snaps shared earlier with free cloud storage
  • Check your astrological compatibility with friends


Pinterest is another major player in the mobile social media app, which shows worldwide how important or not visual content is. This has had a huge impact on the fastest standalone mobile app reaching millions of monthly users. In general, Pinterest users love to draw inspiration from new ideas and try new things; So, having a presence on Pinterest helps keep your brand in the minds of consumers. This gives your brand an opportunity to influence and shape their buying decisions.

Features of Pinterest:

  • Photo sharing and visual bookmarking
  • Discover lifestyle inspirations
  • Explore trending and recommended articles
  • Invite your friends to collaborate
  • Buy, make, use the ideas you found


New Social Media Applications
New Social Media Applications

Tumblr is one of the most popular social networking sites and the microblog is also exceptionally popular. It is widely used by the younger generation to showcase attractive features such as customized blog sharing platforms and diverse blog content. This is a favorite of the best social media apps to provide a blog writing and discussion forum. People share a lot of blogs on Tumblr, including latest technology news, education, art, fashion, and wildlife.

Features of Tumblr:

  • More than 250 beautiful text blocks
  • Post text, photos, videos, audio, live videos, GIFs, to reach your audience
  • Create your own GIFs with text and stickers
  • Social media integration
  • Viral tags to make your post stand out


New Social Media Applications
New Social Media Applications

WeChat was introduced as a messaging app and has now become a public social media app. With calling and messaging, customers can now shop online, make payments, make reservations, transfer money, book taxis and more. Wechat is mostly used in China and other parts of Asia. If you are doing business in a restricted area of ​​social networking sites such as Facebook, WeChat appears to be a good alternative.

Features of WeChat:

  • Voice call, voice note, and video call features
  • Online transactions, and payments
  • M-commerce opportunity for brands
  • Offers games inside the app
  • Mini-blog for posting your thoughts


New Social Media Applications
New Social Media Applications

Viber is one of the fastest and safest messaging applications. Free Messenger is a worldwide community of 1 billion users. Users can text and make high-quality crystal-clear phone calls. All you need is a data plan or a secure Wi-Fi connection, and you’re good to go.

Features of Viber:

  • Users can sync their desktop and Tablet applications
  • Make unlimited Audio and Video Calls for free
  • Viber Out allows users to make low-cost calls to Landlines
  • It provides a self-destruct option for your Secret Chats
  • Users can start a Viber Community with Unlimited Members

Line App:


New Social Media Applications
New Social Media Applications

The LINE app aims to rebuild the communication world by bringing customers closer to their family and friends. As a mobile-native mobile app, this line has many offers such as voice, video calls, text messages, and unlimited creative stickers so users can express themselves better. Today, the social media app has more than 600 million users worldwide. Thanks to LINE’s relentless efforts to expand its reach by providing exciting new experiences and utilizing convenience for customers.

Features of Line:

  • Allows free voice as well as video calls anywhere and anytime
  • Interactive and easy-to-use social networking features
  • The option of auto-syncing different devices
  • With LINE Out features, users can make international calls


New Social Media Applications
New Social Media Applications

Whisper, with a population of more than 30 million, is one of the new social media apps designed to change the way you view the world. Unlike other social networks, the experience of spending time with this social media app makes users feel rawer and often addictive. Whisper is an online community where millions of people around the world can share their true ideas and get information from a specific community.

Features of Whisper:

  • Users don’t have an identity when using the service
  • There are no followers, friends or user profiles
  • It uses people’s locations and allows users to add a group
  • Users cannot use the search function to search for other app users
  • Users can maintain your anonymity through the chat or private messaging function

Sina Weibo:


New Social Media Applications
New Social Media Applications

Sina Weibo is an international version of the social media platform that allows users to find what is currently trending on the internet with just a few clicks. Here, users can easily find sophisticated content, get close to their favorite online influencers, and find the backstage scoop story. With Weibo, users are free to explore their interests and share what they need at any time.

Features of Sina Weibo:

  • Stay updated with the latest news
  • Know all about trendy topics including Movies, Music, Sports, Traveling, fashion and much more.
  • Smooth social media integration for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Weixin, Messenger, etc.
  • Provides support to all media types, such as photos, GIFs, text, videos, and emoji.
  • Post and repost your content that expresses your likes and dislikes.

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